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1) The National Society for Research into Allergy

NSRA is a charitable organisation that offers constructive information on a comprehensive range of allergies, intolerances and related conditions. Their volunteers are able to offer advice not only on foods and additives (including an elimination diet used to identify any problem foods and food ingredients), but on other areas such as airborne allergens, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, and vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

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2) The American EPD Study: 1993-2000 PDF document

In 1993, the Investigational Review Board of the Great Lakes Academy of Clinical Medicine approved a multi-centre investigation of EPD treatment in the USA which ran for seven years. With over 10,000 patients, including 6,030 with at least three injections, this is the largest outcome-based study of any type of immunotherapy ever undertaken. At the end of this audit, a white paper (which you can find here) was presented to the US Congress.

The results of this open study show that between 70% and 80% of patients rated the improvement in their health as a result of treatment with EPD as excellent, very good or good. The unusually high level of safety of EPD also allowed a large number of patients suffering from immediate-type food allergy to be included in the study. This audit illustrates the wider effect of EPD as well - of 281 patients suffering from repeated ear infections, for example, 88% reported very useful improvements in their condition.

3) A summary of medical evidence on EPD, by Dr L. M. McEwen PDF document

This document also includes a list of research articles published in international medical journals.

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