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Case Histories

Jon (Chronic Fatigue/ME and a wide range of intolerances)

Jon’s problems began in late 1999, when he began slowly but steadily to lose weight and feel increasingly weak and tired all the time. By the middle of the following year, after numerous visits to GPs and tests had failed to provide any clear diagnosis, Jon finally had to give up work, not only because of his growing fatigue, but also because of worsening difficulties with concentration, memory and digestion. More consultations followed, with an endocrinologist, gastroenterologist and an immunologist, before ME was diagnosed.

Having kept a diary of how he felt, Jon started to notice a clear connection between what he was eating and how his symptoms changed (weakness, rhinitis, thick-headedness, confusion, etc), and was finally referred to an allergy consultant trained in EPD. On top of the ME, Jon was told he was intolerant to most foods (including wheat and dairy) and fumes, as well as mould and damp spores, and that complicating matters were gut fermentation and low levels of a number of vitamins and minerals. Jon had his first EPD injection in mid-2002, and has been making very good progress since - he’s now able to eat a much more normal diet and is working again (in strong contrast to the six months for which he was house-bound at the peak of his fatigue).

Sally (multiple food and chemical intolerances)

From birth, the only thing Sally wanted to do was sleep. She couldn’t be weaned off formula milk, she spat out everything else, but she had no health problems until she was 10 months old. At that time, she and her family made the move from country to town, which also meant a change from well water to tap water.

Within 12 hours of the move, Sally’s health had deteriorated dramatically - she developed diarrhoea, nappy rash, vomiting and she stopped sleeping. As time went on she developed blisters on her hands and around her mouth where she dribbled, bloating, stomach and head pain, her nasal mucosa became swollen and soggy, she was underweight and late learning to sit, walk and talk.

By the time Sally was six, her symptoms had worsened. She was having serious nose bleeds and vomiting blood. She was no longer going to school. She still couldn’t eat a normal diet. She drank milk, and could eat only an under-ripe banana or an occasional roast potato well mashed up.

By now, Sally had been an out-patient at four different hospitals and an in-patient at three more. None of the consultants was able to offer an accurate diagnosis or an effective treatment, with some suggesting it might be an unidentifiable virus. None of these hospitals recognised that Sally had neutropenia*.

It was purely by chance that Sally’s parents saw a documentary on TV. In the first half of this report, Dr. Len McEwen was using EPD to treat a milk-allergic milkman, before going on to explain the more serious aspects of allergy and intolerance. Sally’s parents were struck by the similarity of many of the symptoms he described with what Sally was suffering. After getting a referral from the GP to see Dr McEwen, Sally was diagnosed as being intolerant to all foods in addition to chemicals in tap water and in some foods, and had her first EPD treatment at her initial consultation with Dr McEwen.

Within the first few weeks of her injection, Sally’s nose bleeds had stopped and her nasal mucosa were noticeably less swollen. Slowly, her health continued to improve as the treatment progressed, and within two years she was eating a reasonably normal diet with almost no symptoms. Sally’s last EPD injection was 13 years ago, and she now has no symptoms at all. Sally’s eldest daughter suffered the same problems as her mother, but she too is now cured after treatment with EPD.

* In neutropenia, specific types of white blood cells die, leaving the immune system seriously compromised.

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